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Text Box: In addition to field services, projects Norften integrate packaged thermal products such as pre-piped or pre-wired fuel trains and controls panels. System sizes range from small-scale heat treat and incineration equipment to large-scale utility and industrial systems. 
Text Box: Full Service Projects
Text Box: AEI can provide the auxiliaries to thermal equipment including: recuperation, heat recovery, gas scrubbing and cooling water systems, plant control tie-ins, fuel/air piping and wiring, calibration, burner setup, system start-up and checkout.

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Text Box: Thermal Solutions
Text Box: AEI can provide pre-piped and pre-wired fuel trains and single or multi-burner flame safety systems. Examples of thermal systems applications include secondary combustion chambers, high temperature ductwork, controlled-air and multiple hearth furnaces. 
Text Box: Thermal Systems Applications
Text Box: Custom thermal systems 
Fired and unfired refractory lined vessels
Precast shapes
Packaged fuel trains
Burner management systems
Continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS)
Control Panel
Text Box: Industrial Equipment Fabrication
Text Box: AEI provides specialty services for thermal systems. These include: mechanical and electrical engineering, instrumentation and control, and continuous emissions monitoring systems.
AEI can meet the unique demands of thermal systems: DCS, PLCs and single loop control; FM, IRI, and NFPA requirements for flame monitoring systems.

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