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Text Box: Refractory Services
Text Box: Many industrial facilities emphasize the protection of concrete, steel, and other core structures from potentially weakening elements such as corrosion and temperature. Refractory materials maintain the integrity of combustion and high-temperature thermal equipment. The skilled and experienced staff at AEI are qualified to manufacture, install and service refractory material and construction. Specialty project managers will conduct personal analyses to determine the appropriate refractory products for you. Our careful oversight shows commitment to quality, ensuring proper installation and functionality.
Past projects include:  
® Refractory contracting and construction
® Acid brick and acid-proof construction
® Blanket, modules and other insulation construction
® Epoxy coatings
® Fireproofing
® Concrete rehabilitation
® Grouting and guniting
Text Box: AEIís employees have nearly 30 years of experience in the sales and installation of refractory materials. We specialize in various methods of application for these severe-service linings and coatings. Our areas of expertise include:

Text Box: ® Gunite
® Brickwork
® Vibration Casting
® Ramming 
® Pressure Grouting
® Shotcrete 
® Pumping
® Spraying 
® Stud Welding

Text Box: AEIís refractory work helps maximize the life of industrial equipment operating under intense conditions.

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