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The safety of employees and of the general public is of vital concern to the management of Albertus Energy, Inc. It is our intent to conduct all operations of the company in a safe manner for the protection of our employees, and of the general public. Each employee shall be assured of a safe and healthful working environment. It is, therefore, the policy of the company to follow operating practices and procedures that will result in safe and efficient operations.


The superintendent and the foreman are the key men in our safety effort, because they are in constant touch with all employees and are aware of changing conditions. They are charged with conducting a safe, efficient operation at all times. Safety is an operations management responsibility and cannot be delegated to a subordinate or to a staff function. Every individual who supervises, directs or controls the work or actions of others is responsible for the safety of each person under his supervision, direction or control. In addition, all such individuals are responsible for the safety of equipment and property within the area of his responsibility.


Each employee has a responsibility for his own safety and health as well as those of all individuals with whom he comes in contact. In carrying out his assigned work, each employee must observe all safety and health standards related to his work. He will immediately report any unsafe working conditions or practices to his foreman. All work will be conducted in a safe, efficient, workmanlike manner and in accordance with the accepted safety standards of the trade and the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.


AEI has a proven service record of high-quality safety. More detailed information of AEIís safety standards and procedures is available by request.

Albertus Energy, Inc. Safety Policy
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