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Albertus Energy, Inc.

Phone: 610-644-4048

Fax: 610-644-4549

E-mail: info@albertusenergy.com

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Text Box: Our company strives to provide our customers with the best value in goods and services. Please consider the items on this page which are "Standard" with each offering from Albertus Energy, Inc. 
Text Box: Superintendents average 25+ years in industry
Managers average 25+ years in industry
Company completes 350 projects per year
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Text Box: Experience
Text Box: Professional Support
On-staff professional engineers

Industry Advancement
Annual training (conferences, technical seminars, and meetings)
Active company support for industry associations 
Active in labor/management relations

Safety Programs
Consistently excellent EMR
Formal in-house continued training program
Formal weekly company safety communication
Daily Tool-Box Talks as required

OSHA Training
24-and 40-hour school attendance by over 80 employees

Respirator, Confined Space, and Hazard Communication Programs (Submitted upon request)

Drug Testing, Physicals, Fit Tests
Administered annually on random basis to Craft and Management

Technical Training
Professionally skilled craftsmen
Formal in-house continued training program
Apprenticeship program 

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