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Text Box: AEI's complete customer list includes projects for more than 1,000 combustion systems. Customers benefit from AEI's systems approach which teams engineers, skilled craftsmen, and trained service personnel in the various disciplines effecting each thermal system. The applications include:
 Primary and secondary metals systems (e.g., steel, copper)
 Mineral processing systems (e.g., cement, lime)
 Industrial on-site systems (including automotive, baking, ceramics, chemical, food, glass, petrochemicals, printing, pulp and paper textiles)
 Central systems (e.g., utility power stations)
 Municipal systems (e.g., WWTP WTP)
 Hazardous waste facilities
 MSW and commercial waste combustion facilities
 Hospitals and other medical facilities (e.g. infections, pathological, cremation)
 Other institutional, commercial and miscellaneous applications
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Text Box: Albertus Energy, Inc. has provided integrated services for hundreds of combustion and thermal systems; including:
 Kilns, continuous and periodic 
 Grate/boiler systems
 Fixed hearth (controlled air and excess air) systems 
 Rotary systems 
 Thermal, regenerative, and catalytic oxidizers
 Fume and liquid incinerators
 Fluidized bed reactors
 Heat treatment furnaces

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